I am a third generation Professional Land Surveyor with over 38 years of experience serving Boone, Cooper, Howard, Callaway, Randolph, Lincoln Counties and other communities in Central Missouri. I was in Junior High School when I started working on the field crew for my Dad who was the owner of Patchett & Company Land Surveying here in Columbia. I did field work, drafting of surveys and started learning all aspects of the profession at that point. After his passing in 2014, I worked for a couple of other Land Surveyors in the Columbia area for a few years and briefly as an Abstractor for Continental Title Company. In 2014, before his passing I registered to take the Professional exams required by the State of Missouri and became a Licensed Professional. My only regret is that he didn’t live long enough to see me pursue his trade that he taught me at a professional level or to meet his granddaughter Jenna. My paternal Grandfather was also a Surveyor as well as My Uncle William Patchett.(LS #74).

I am married to my beautiful wife Trisha and we have three wonderful children, Jenna 6, Jackson 14 and Sydney 17.

We reside at Midway, Boone County, Missouri.